2018 Fall Forum: Health and the Environment in North Carolina

Duke University Environmental Health Scholars Program

Jennifer Hoponick Redmon

M.S.E.S., M.P.A.

RTI International

Ms. Jennifer Hoponick Redmon has more than 14 years of experience as an environmental health scientist and chemical risk assessor. Her dual graduate degrees have provided her with a multi-faceted background in environmental chemistry, toxicology, risk assessment, environmental policy, and natural resource management. Ms. Redmon is also a certified hazardous materials manager (CHMM). She is an expert in environmental health science and chemical risk assessment who leads complex projects involving the protection of human health and the environment. With a background in both the scientific and policy areas of environmental and natural resource management, she offers a blend of practical field expertise, technical knowledge, managerial skills, and a commitment to improving public health. She understands the potential environmental health impacts associated with chemical contaminants and toxins, and has a concrete understanding of federal and state environmental statutes and regulations. During her career, she has effectively managed a broad array of site-specific, regional, national and international projects related to environmental health, site assessment, risk assessment, and risk management for private clients, national and international nongovernmental organizations, and state and federal government agencies. Ms. Redmon is interested in linking the presence of chemicals and toxins in the environment with exposures, supporting risk mitigation measures that improve environmental health outcomes, children’s health advancement, and improving global sustainability and natural resource management in the food-energy-water nexus. Her strong interdisciplinary background enables her to lead technical projects spanning issues such as water quality, site assessment, noncommunicable diseases, waste management, beneficial reuse of industrial materials, risk management, and chemical food safety.