2018 Fall Forum: Health and the Environment in North Carolina

Duke University Environmental Health Scholars Program

June Blotnick

Executive Director
Clean Air Carolina

June Blotnick is executive director of Clean Air Carolina, a nonprofit organization with offices in Charlotte and the Research Triangle Park that works to restore clean air for all North Carolinians through education and advocacy and by working with community partners to reduce sources of pollution. For 13 years, she has managed programs designed to raise awareness about air pollution’s impact on public health, the environment and the economy, and coordinated advocacy initiatives for stronger clean air policies at the local, state and federal levels.

Blotnick was honored with a sustainability award in 2012 from Sustain Charlotte for her work with Clean Air Carolina, and the organization received a sustainability award in 2014 under her leadership. She received the Visionary Leader Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection at the Southeast Diesel Collaborative conference in 2015 for her work to reduce diesel emissions from school buses and construction equipment. She has chaired the Air Quality and Climate Change working group for CONNECT Our Future, Centralina Council of Government and Catawba Council of Government’s 3-year regional sustainability planning initiative. She also served on Envision Charlotte’s Air Committee and the Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission. She was involved in the founding of the Durham-based Self-Help Credit Union and established its first branch office in Charlotte. She also worked closely with neighborhood organizations during her tenure at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership.

Blotnick holds a master of education degree from Appalachian State University.