2017 Fall Forum: Health and the Environment in North Carolina

Environmental Health Scholars Program at Duke University

Daniel Ribeiro

Duke University

Mr. Daniel Ribeiro is a fourth-year S.J.D. student at Duke Law School. In his research, Daniel explores the intersection between public law, policy, and decision theory. Daniel’s dissertation investigates the evolution of impact assessment systems and, in particular, the recent adoption of ex post-regulatory impact assessment by the US, UK, EU, and Australia. Daniel is one of the 2016 Duke Environmental Health Scholars, a Graduate Scholar with the Rethinking Regulation Program and a Fellow at Duke’s Kenan Institute for Ethics, and a Fundação Estudar Scholar (Brazil). He is on leave from the Brazilian Ministério Público, where Daniel has worked since 2000 as an attorney overseeing state policy. During his career as an attorney, he has litigated high-profile cases, testified before the Brazilian Congress as a legal expert, and authored federal and state bills – predominantly of environmental law. He also worked as a legal intern at the Natural Resources Defense Council in California, on legal and policy research. Daniel holds a B.A. in Law from UCAM (Rio de Janeiro) and an LL.M., cum laude, from Duke Law School.