2017 Fall Forum: Health and the Environment in North Carolina

Environmental Health Scholars Program at Duke University

Jennie Harkness

Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University

Ms. Jennie Harkness is a Ph.D. Candidate of environmental geochemistry in the Division of Earth and Ocean Science at Duke University.  She is interested the impacts of contamination from both natural and anthropogenic sources on the quality of drinking water resources and health of communities. Ms. Harkness has a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry from Vassar College, where her undergraduate research focused on the cycling of toxic trace metals in aquatic environments. Her doctoral research at Duke focuses on the geochemical and isotopic characterization of wastewater from energy exploration and production (i.e. hydraulic fracturing, coal combustion, oil and mining). She uses the distinct geochemical and isotopic fingerprints of these wastewaters to trace the source and migration of contaminated water in the environment. She is also interested in the source and distribution of emergent contaminants associated with energy exploration and production (i.e. halogens, trace elements).